Grass Roots Church Planting

churches in asheville ncThere are many incredible church plants starting grass roots movements in their cities. At one point, Juneau Christian Center was just that. Now we have the ability to support many of these church plants.

These movements are happening in every city in America, and are doing a great job of being the salt and light in their communities. We believe carrying forth the Christian message through as many different voices and styles as possible is exactly what Christ would want us to be doing.

There are churches in asheville nc for example spreading love in action through their ministry. With mottos like “Love Wins”, they are carrying their missions into the streets of the city and ministering to those in need. We recommend visiting one of these church plants so that you can serve and be a part of the great commission that is being carried out.

Jesus told us to go out and make disciples, and so these grass roots church building projects are simply obedience to what he asked us to do.

I urge you to participate in a church plant near you and find a way to contribute your gifts and immerse yourself into the culture and community of your city in love.